Her favorite two words, HARASSMENT and STALKING....

Even though I remembered the stinging words of my former stepdaughter to my husband in Oct 2005, telling him to fuck off,  I had thought MAYBE she would want some pics of him.

On Jan 31st, 2006, I emailed my former stepdaughter, telling her that I hoped the email found her doing well, and I know she hates me, but I was wondering if she wanted any of the pics we had taken of her, my husband and my son and to let me know.

On Feb 1, she responded and said, ‘Yes, that would be great…otherwise I have nothing to do with you at all…” Uh, WHY was that necessary? In fact, my response to her was, “Never mind, forget I asked…a simple yes or no would have sufficed, but apparently that was too much to ask. I ask out of kindness, thinking you were probably having a hard time since you told your dad to F off. but apparently, you can’t let things go. Guess what? HE DID as you asked, LITERALLY…bet that makes you feel so much better. So, never mind, I will keep the pictures for (my son) or in a box. SO LONG…” I did remember that she was sent pictures through out the years, and I even emailed the ones I took of her and my husband in Dec 2002, the last time she saw him. The ones I sent ended up sending her were just of her and her brother while they were here, maybe they would remember the GOOD times they said they had.

On Feb 2, my former stepdaughter emailed me back, “NO, FUCK YOU…BITCH… you made my life hell now back off…you can send them if you want…that’s your choice.. I would love them…but I will never forget how you ruined me and my fathers life together…i hate you…now just stay out of my life…” Um, she really needs to look within herself and take responsibility for the ugly things SHE said to her “father” in 2003, 2004 and 2005. Those things had NOTHING to do with me.

So, it’s about 2 1/2 months after my husband passed away.  On the 3rd of February, I emailed the ex and her daughter advising them that her daughter would no longer be covered under my husbands dental plan. The ex responds back,”Good, she did not need it anyway”. Ok, GREAT

On Feb 8th, I get the attached email…um, WHY? I hadn’t written to her, other than to give her the dental information, and I had sent her daughter the same email, and my previous email was to her daughter specifically, NOT her. Great that her daughter talked to her about it, but the ex just couldn’t help herself, so she responded.

TWO things I have to say. One is, “PROVE IT’ that I caused my husbands death, and two, REMEMBER what she wrote about getting a restraining order against me from “making contact” with any of them again, tells me to  ”get a job, a life a hobby something that is not so vindictive” yet who is the one saying she would be calling the Pastor of the Church (that my husband and I attended) and the local authorities…


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