Yes, a nasty bitter ex  she has/had been. She was NOT at peace with Keith before he met me. Keith ived with my sister, and my sister knew of the hassles the ex gave Keith.  yes, she’s right, she DID keep the kids away from him! Proof of all the denied visitations are proof of that! he left HER, not them, but because he left HER, after she TOLD HIM to, she used the kids against him. If  her leaving keith had nothing to do with why the other ‘relationships” in her life ended then WHY has she blamed ME and convinced her kids it’s MY fault and I’m the cause of  her second divorce? Why read a public website? LMAO…is she KIDDING ME!? What has she done!? I may have just READ, but she INVADED… Again, he didn’t LEAVE his kids, SHE asked him to leave, HE LEFT, she says here HE LEFT, and because he wouldn’t take her back, she used the kids against him and TURNED them against him and used her hatred for ME as her weapon. She never invited him, but ONE time, in 2002 for her son’s graduation. She not only invited him but she thought she would get him by telling him he could stay at her house. Oh yea, her husband would have loved that, huh? HA HA HA, right…Oh wait, maybe he would have been at work….
Why is she so interested in MY relationship with my inlaws? for whom there are only 3 left… AMAZING how much she accuse me of doing and yet, here she is, doing exactly what she accuses me of….


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