2nd Response to EX

Again, let's get it straight. See, your wicked lies are showing you can't keep facts straight. There was  ONE previous marriage before you. It lasted from Nov 1969 to June 1977. Out of THAT marriage was 2 kids who were adults already when I came into the picture. There was no way for me to have anything to do with THEIR relationship with their dad since they were adults. Their relationship was what it was. Ok, got that? Clear enough? Then there is your marriage. You were married in the summer of 1984 and divorced Nov 1990. There were two kids born of this..."union." YOU moved the kids from the county of San Diego in Feb 1993. Keith and I were not even together during his 3 week visit in the Summer 1993. I first met your kids at Christmas 1994, when you allowed them to see their dad for 4 days, and Keith and I were living together at that time. I didn't see the kids again until the Summer of 1995, and that is when I first met YOU, and what a greeting it was. However, lets back track...you started planting the SEED of HATE in them towards me, in April of 1995, when you wrote and told Keith that I can "Butt out."

 You planted more "SEEDS of HATE" in the kids minds when it came to their dad, but that's for another time....Oh what the hell, one thing in this letter you wrote, you told the kids that if you didn't hear from him by May 1st about camp, you would them he doesn't care to help. That's just ONE thing, you've said and written plenty more, but for another time.

Pictures? Are you that ignorant? Maybe I can keep them. I was married to him, and not only that, maybe I had copies made for your daughter, (my daughter was Keith's youngest daughter, BLOOD does not make family) OR maybe I scanned them. Making mountains out of molehills like you CONSTANTLY did.

MY children saw and heard how you berated Keith all the time, either by phone call or letter or email. MY children also know that I defended their daddy against you, and I stood right next to him during court times, giving him my support. MY husband and I were a team, a mighty great one at that. YOU on the other hand, were the one sucking the life out of him with all the stress you gave him over seeing his kids. You even offered to have your husband adopt your kids, telling Keith it must be a hardship for him, providing for his kids while they are so far apart. He told me then this went to show how truly thoughtless, evil, spiteful you really were.

Um, THAT'S because you TOOK them so far away. He's always paid support, I know I know, you would say he didn't, but we didn't care what you thought, when there was proof contrary. I do think it's funny that you mention how "generous" Keith was. He was, he really was, yet, in your letter to him back again in April 1995 you didn't think so...

and actually, you never thought so. Time? How can he have time when YOU claimed that court orders stated visitation was as YOU saw fit? Actually THAT'S not true either, but that's for another "TIME."

I didn't make his life hell. The ONLY hell he had was in dealing with you and your constant flood of emails and phone calls, and BULLSHIT you put him through.

I don't believe his "children" loved him. Oh maybe your's did at one time, but not since the early 2000's I can honestly say....


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