2005 Senior Frolic

The ex uses her "position" so to speak,  to jab at  husband. My husband sent his daughter's Senior Committee a $100 donation for their senior Frolic.

The ex wrote him an email,  wrote,

"As a member of the Senior Frolic Committee- thanks for the donation of a $100 t owards the class of 2005's party. This money will be used towards the entire senior class party that is held after graduation. Your daughter could use some financial help for herself with other senior activities such as PROM, Senior Picture and gown and announcements. Total cost here is over$680. The money you took from her food and clothing allowance is $50 a month for April, May and June would have. Thanks again for your generous support towards the entire senior class. Don't forget your daughter in your next donation."

My husband responded to the woman who actually sent him information about the Senior Frolic, saying,

"This email was inappropriate and not appreciated. Thankfully, R, I know you are more than appreciative for any contribution, great or small. Unfortunately, some people are not appreciative of ANYTHING. I should have requested my contribution be kept confidential between you and I, R, as I suspected I would be hearing from my ex wife."

His ex didn't like this too much, because not only did he send it to R, but added the several people from the high school as well, as he thought they knew about the Senior Frolic. His ex wrote, using her first email to respond, the email that only had his email address on it

"This is not a school sponsored event, the high school has nothing to do with it. Put on by the senior class parent your emails to staff at the high school is in appropriate."

She then turned around and responded AGAIN, to the admin. at the high school and a Senior class parent,

" My thank you was sincere. We all appreciate your money towards helping the senior class, i was just wondering if you could support your daughter Lisa Dudgeon with some money too. The cost of having a senior in high school and getting ready to graduate is expensive. Your lack of child support effects that. Sorry you misunderstood, and felt the need to draw in the town to your lack of parenting."

My husband responded to her email with

"In a previous email, you said getting the 'whole town' involved in this was inappropriate. Too bad you don't take your own advice. Lack of child support, of the $50.00 you no longer get for several reasons, (one of which is, you aren't owed the money anymore, not to mention that you didn't show up to court, you forged your 2md ex husbands signature on a legal document to name a few others) has nothing to do with this. Remember, you are still getting $258.46 every two weeks for child support with the last child support check ending July 1, 2005. Elizabeth is not a child and has a job a m ind and a mouth all her own. Should SHE want me to contribute to her, she can ask me herself. She nor I need you to do her bidding for her. She has not asked me, and I will NOT, let me repeat, WILL NOT deal with you.

All his ex said in an email to him alone again, this time was, "too bad you don't understand."

It wasn't until the summer, July 12, 2005 as a matter of fact, that my husband received another email from a parent of the Senior Frolic Committee, saying, "I wanted to thank you for your generous donation to the high school class of 2005 Senior Frolic. THe kids had a great time and your contribution provided a safe and fun environment for the senior class. Thanks again for your contribution."

THAT was nice....


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