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2005 Senior Frolic

The ex uses her "position" so to speak,  to jab at  husband. My husband sent his daughter's Senior Committee a $100 donation for their senior Frolic.

The ex wrote him an email,  wrote,

"As a member of the Senior Frolic Committee- thanks for the donation of a $100 t owards the class of 2005's party. This money will be used towards the entire senior class party that is held after graduation. Your daughter could use some financial help for herself with other senior activities such as PROM, Senior Picture and gown and announcements. Total cost here is over$680. The money you took from her food and clothing allowance is $50 a month for April, May and June would have. Thanks again for your generous support towards the entire senior class. Don't forget your daughter in your next donation."

My husband responded to the woman who actually sent him information about the Senior Frolic, saying,

"This email was inappropriate and not appreciated. Thankfully, R, I…