on 3-23-005, after realizing the "forgery" Keith's ex wife did, you know, "under penalty of Perjury" and all, on court papers, he emailed her ex husband, since it was HIS signature she "tried" to forge.

Little did she know, or maybe she forgot, but we had something that her 2nd ex husband had signed for, so my husband knew what her ex husband's signature looked like. 

In my husband's email to her ex, her wrote that he had sent her ex husband something in the mail, but he realized the return address was not correct, that it was an address to a store in the Grant County Mall. Keith told her 2nd ex that what he was sending him was to let him know that he would be letting the court clerk know next week at court that he and his ex had declared under penalty of perjury that Juanita's responsive declaration he sent Keith had a forged signature on the proof of service by mail form. In the letter Keith sent, he showed proof to Juanita's 2nd ex, of what he was talking about.

Keith got an email back, on 3-24-05, at 1228pm,  ALLEGEDLY from Juanita's ex, that really sounds more like it's from Juanita, that states, "leave me out of your problems with juanita, maybe you should pay more attention to your kids and not juanita. please donot e-mail me or send me any of your mail."

Keith responded back at 1256pm that he was just letting her ex know he would be telling the court that he, the ex, declared under penalty of perjury that he served Keith her responsive, but it wasn't his signature, and it wasn't Keith's problem.

Later on in the afternoon, at 522pm, Keith gets another email, ALLEGEDLY from Juanita's ex, but REALLY sounds like Juanita, and it says, "fuck you you fucken cunt or ass hole, witch ever one of you that sent me this email, it would be a good idea for you to stop now and leave me alone, I have a lawyer and he said this is harrasment and if it doesnt stop he will take action to stop it."

When Keith reported this latest email to HOTMAIL due to  harassment, the response he got back in part stated, " We did not find enough evidence to probe that the said email originated from this account...from time to time, individuals may forge message headers in order to suggest that the message originated with MSN Hotmail. In addition, these "spammers" may use similar fake reply-to accounts, "remove me" accounts, and other types of drop boxes either in the headers or in the body of messages, on web pages, in web-forms or in postings such as newsgroups..."

VERY, very telling. While Keith did tell the court and the court clerk, Juanita's ex did not press charges for forgery, so she skated again there, but she didn't get what she wanted from court either.... 


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