Child Support and Arrears End...

On Feb 23, 2005, my husband called his ex to discuss agreeing to ending arrearages, because they have been paid. Of COURSE she wouldn't agree. What she DID NOT know was that he called her from the court house, in the  Paralegal's office.

Because she didn't agree, and it became an issue over the phone, when he hung up, he told the Paralegal that it's time to get started filling out the OSC to terminate arrearages, and write his declaration. He was handling his business.

This same day, and after their phone call, his ex decided she was going to type up a letter to him and send it off. She was delusional in her thought process when she asked if he was taking into consideration that even if the child support arrearages were to stop, he would still be racking up back child support...HUH!?

She had to go on to explain to him, how his employer pays her, as if he didn't know, LOL...telling him that until their daughter turns 18, his monthly child support amount she receives will be shorted $43.07 and she asked, "So why would you or I stop the arrearages?" She clearly doesn't get it. No, that's wrong, she gets it, she's just trying to milk hubby for more money, because she KNEW he pays the difference of what she is owed and what she is paid every month, via Money orders each month.

She was also under the impression that all this will magically stop on the day of their daughters birthday, but that wasn't true. A court order needed to be made because all others after their Nov 1990 final decree,  were basically silent on the matter. My hubby told his ex in an emailed response, amongst other things, that none of this was over when she or her paperwork say it is, but when the COURT says it is over. They were scheduled to go to court on March 29, 2005.

When she sent her Responsive Decl. to OSC, she included a Proof of Service by Mail form. RED FLAG: ALLEGEDLY, her ex husband, declaring under penalty of perjury, on Feb 27, 2005, that he was the one that sent the Response to my husband. Unfortunately,  I really don't think that her ex husband knew anything about this, because, it was not his printing or signature on the form. CLEARLY, she forged his signature.

On March 24th, hubby wrote the Coummisioner and Court Clerk, clearing some things up. He advised them that when she was signed for the OSC, she signed her name as "Paris Hilton" and told him to prove it. NO BRAINS...He did just that, provided the Commissioner and Court Clerk a copy of the Postal Form 3811,

He also let them know that when she mailed her response for the OSC to my husband, it was HER writing of her ex husbands name and address on the envelope, and it was HER that wrote and signed her ex husbands name on the proof of service form. I guess she had forgotten that her ex husband had signed for two other pieces of mail, in the past, and hubby provided proof of  her ex husband's signature.

My husband went through her response to OSC, and responded to what she wrote, proving more lies. At the end, he requested the Court consider all her perjured declaration and order the arrearage garnishment of $50 a month to stop, effective immediately.

The Court stopped the arrears effective immediately, and stopped child support payments effective 6-18-05. :-)


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