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Child Support and Arrears End...

On Feb 23, 2005, my husband called his ex to discuss agreeing to ending arrearages, because they have been paid. Of COURSE she wouldn't agree. What she DID NOT know was that he called her from the court house, in the  Paralegal's office.

Because she didn't agree, and it became an issue over the phone, when he hung up, he told the Paralegal that it's time to get started filling out the OSC to terminate arrearages, and write his declaration. He was handling his business.

This same day, and after their phone call, his ex decided she was going to type up a letter to him and send it off. She was delusional in her thought process when she asked if he was taking into consideration that even if the child support arrearages were to stop, he would still be racking up back child support...HUH!?

She had to go on to explain to him, how his employer pays her, as if he didn't know, LOL...telling him that until their daughter turns 18, his monthly child support amount she receives…


on 3-23-005, after realizing the "forgery" Keith's ex wife did, you know, "under penalty of Perjury" and all, on court papers, he emailed her ex husband, since it was HIS signature she "tried" to forge.

Little did she know, or maybe she forgot, but we had something that her 2nd ex husband had signed for, so my husband knew what her ex husband's signature looked like. 
In my husband's email to her ex, her wrote that he had sent her ex husband something in the mail, but he realized the return address was not correct, that it was an address to a store in the Grant County Mall. Keith told her 2nd ex that what he was sending him was to let him know that he would be letting the court clerk know next week at court that he and his ex had declared under penalty of perjury that Juanita's responsive declaration he sent Keith had a forged signature on the proof of service by mail form. In the letter Keith sent, he showed proof to Juanita's 2nd ex,…