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Received a note from Anthony today in the mail, postmarked, Jan 11, 2005. He sent back the letter I wrote him in May of 2002, asking him to sign a note saying he authorizes me to change my daughters last name to my husbands. He signed the note on Jan 4, yrs later, LOL...He also wrote to please call him.

Well, I called him, bu the number he gave, is disconnected....Not sure why he told me to call him and then give me a bogus number. I sent him a letter today, telling him that there would no change to the child support order, since it's just a name change, not an adoption. I also let him know that the process to change her name was costly, and one that I could not afford to do at the moment, but she is known as Sarah *Husband's last name* anyway.

Jan 26th is court...interesting....