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Uncovered Medical Expenses

Dec. 1995 court orders state that my husband was to pay one half of all uncovered medical expenses. He had no problem doing that, when he KNEW what it was that he owed. The trouble he ran into was that his ex would not forward copies of the EOB's from her (or her husbands) insurance co, showing their share, whether they paid the rest of the claim or applied it to the deductible. His ex ALWAYS bitched about how he is not paying his share, and he would respond by saying that he can't pay what he doesn't know the amount is. For some reason, the ex believed that he owed half of what HIS insurance didn't pay. UM...NO, that's not the way the law is written.

ON Feb 27th, 2005, he finally sent an email to his ex telling her that he has not recieved all of or any of the eob's for the calendar years, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 for the kids. He said that because of this, he has been unable to pay his portion of any uncovered expenses.

In the beginning, she would send coie…