My response...

Jan 9, 2004

Dear Anthony "Tony" J R,

Colleen R's letter to me dated 1-7-04

I am writing this letter so that YOU can get a few things straight.

YOU and I, Anthony, had a child together, NOT Colleen and I, so my "legal business" is with YOU, not Colleen. YOU are court ordered to carry medical insurance on Sarah M R. If I were to quit using one of the two insurance's that Sarah is presently covered unver, I would quit using my husband's plan.

YOU do NOT pay $700 a month in medical insurance. A letter from your employer, dated in 1998, with confirmation as early as TODAY, BOTH state that your employer pays 100% of the premium. There is no cost to your for the health insurance that you carry on Sarah and yourself. Remember, when you tried to make this same claim in 2002, NO ONE believed you. Remember, the DA's officer we met with at the court house called your employer to verify your information, and at that time as well, your employer said there is no cost to you. The Judge didn't believe you either.

You DO NOT pay $600 a month for child support for Sarah. I have attached a legal document, a copy of the most recent court order, stating that are ordered to pay $466 a month. Where that extra $134.00 you have someone ELSE believing you are paying in support is, I have no idea, nor do I care, because I KNOW you don't pay $600 in support.

Congratulations on the baby, IF she is even yours. ALL children are cute and all little girls are Princesses. The new child support order I got was filed 9-30-02, "15 months ago" what a coincident, huh? I know that you tried to claim a hardship when you were in court, and the judge denied it, saing that the child you were claiming a hardship for wasn't your's to support. THIS should be interesting...

If you do not pay the balance of $284.15 off, on or before Feb 8th, 2004, like I stated in my letter of Jan 2, 2004, to you, then I will take the necessary steps to rectify this problematic situation, legally.


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