Continued Insurance Coverage

My former stepson turned 18 in Sept 2002. NORMALLY, that would have the time he was dropped from medical insurance, etc...but thanks to "ObamaCare" he would be able to stay on for years longer.

Open season through  my husbands work was in Nov.  through December, and it does take time for everything to be processed and for us to show up in the system. On Jan 31, 2003, FSS emailed my husband and told him that according to our insurance, he had been terminated from our policy so he was no longer eligible for coverage, which meant that he would be billed for  the visits he had and had no coverage. He told my husband that he brought it to my husbands attention, because he thought it was weird and before the problem got worse.  He said no one had signed up, according to our insurance. He told my husband, " find out what u can and email me back at grandmas email address because I deleted mine...thanks Love (ss's name)"

So I called the insurance today, 1-31-2003, and was told that member services had just recieved the eligibility tape last week, so they were updating now. I was also told that ss could not be denied service and will not be charged. I was told to fax over to the enrollment form ASAP so it can be processed quicker.  I did that. I let my husband know what took place. My husband emailed his son later that night and told him that he needed to sign a waiver form when he goes to the docs and show them the enrollment form and it will be ok, while our enrollment was being processed. Never heard back from SS.

On Feb 3, 2003, FSS emailed my husband again, asking him when he can go to Kaiser again, does he have to wait or can he go in the next day. He asked whether or not the insurance card my husband sent him was even good, )like he would send a bad one, and there are no "bad" cards anyway, it's the same number forever). He asked if our old insurance (PPO) was still good, and if it was, can he go see the dermatologist he had seen before, because he really liked the doc he had seen through the PPO.

SO, I called the insurance, found out we were showing in the system now, and that his son can go to the docs. The only thing we weren't showing up yet for was dental, but according to the dental carrier, they are backlogged. I emailed this information to my husband AND to his son.When my husband got him, he emailed his son, telling him that the insurance card was still good, that when he gets the new set, he will forward it on to him. He suggested that his son bring the empty cream container he had before when he goes back to the doctor to let the new doc know it worked well for him. Never heard back from SS.

On 2-7-03, SS emailed again and said he had tried calling the dental carrier about going to the dentist. The problem he had was that he didn't know which one of the 3 plans we had, so he wanted to know which one we had, email him and let him know so he can call and go. Hubby emailed back later in the day to tell him he was getting the dental straightened out and give him a couple more days, he would let him know al lthe dental info them. He asked for ss's cell phone number, asked him how work was, what was new and if he was going to school. He emailed again to let ss know the new medical insurance card had come and it will be sent out tomorrow. He again asked for his cell phone number, he asked what his work schedule was like, he told him he hope to see ss soon, and that he loved him. NEVER heard from ss.

On 2-11-03, SS emailed back, letting hubby know that he insurance card hadn't gotten there yet, and he was wondering if he got the information on the dental coverage yet, so he can go to the dentist. he reminded my husband that HE said it would be a couple of days, and that "well, a couple of days has passed" and asked Keith if he had gotten any more info, and asked if he was going to send the info to him. Keith wrote back that the card should get there tomorrow, that it was sent out today. He let his son know that it was the same exact card as the old one we sent him a couple weeks ago, same exact number, same blue color, just newer. He siad everything was fine with the medical portion, and that there was nothing new to tell him on the dental coverage front. He told his son that he can't give him information that HE doesn't have, that we are all waiting for information too. He said as soon as he knew, he would let his son know, and that if there was an emergency, or he HAS to go to the dentist, use his mothers plan.  Keith asked again when his son's cell phone number, and what his work schedule was like and left a number for his son to call HIM. Told him he loved him. NO ANSWER from SS.

2-12-03, Keith emailed his son asking him if he had gotten his insurance card today. NO answer from SS.

On the 15th, I emailed Keith and his son the lastest infor I got. I said we had gotten the medical information and I would make a copy of it, the medical at a glance form, the vision benefits and the chiropractic coverage. I let his son, his daughter and his ex know that we are showing in the dental sytem, just not covered until March 1st. Gave the group number the phone number and let them know it was a PPO so they can go to any dentist. I let them know I would make copies of any dental info we have as well. On the 18th, I sent the information to my FSS, Priority mail, signature confirmation requested. On the 19th, SS emailed Keith to let him know that nobody was home and they had received notice saying there was something waiting for him at the post office. He said, "Not that priority matters because I am not going to the post office to pick it up. I am not going to stand in line for 2 hours just for some letter. That could have been mailed regularly. It probably is just some four page letter from PAT. Kinda like the one she sent to the eye doctor in Moses Lake. Huh! Also I would not like to receive any more emails from PAT. If I wanted to recieve emails from her I would have emailed her in the first place. Since I am emailing you and not HER. Any of her emails directly sent to me on my grandmas email will be deleted without being read. LOVE, Nick." he added a "signature" like a tag line that said, "Trying to be a FATHER now, Is a little to little LATE, Don't you think?" (my thought on THAT? YOU asked HIM for insurance information, mother fucker, he didn't email YOU about it...) My husband emailed back, "Having a bad day Nick?" Keith was so pissed off at the tone of Nick's email, he responded again and told him to, "Get that hair out of your ass Nick. I don't know what your problem is. This information is medical and dental stuff that YOU have been asking about. You don't have to wait 2 hours IN LINE to get it, and there is a phone number on the paper to call for redelivery. I sent it to you this way so that I would know YOU got it. GOT IT NICK? I am doing the same thing NOW that I have ALWAYS been trying to do and have SOME kind of communication with you. I don't NEED this SHIT. " Nick signed for the information on 2/21/03.

Nick wrote back  on 2-20-03, saying that he was glad to seee his dad in a good mood, if it was really him writing. He told him THANKS for sending the medical and dental info that he "has been asking about for TWO months." He wanted to know what was with the profanity, and that he was glad to see that Keith was the "bigger person that can hold an adult conversation." He told Keith that he was shocked to read what he wrote, to use profanity, when he used none was unbelievable. He said for a person such as Keith "who is a aviad church goer, he would expect him to have better manners. He thanked Keith for responding with such dignity and signed it, "Love Nick"  and he has another saying that says, "When God misses you, you DIE." Such big words for an ungrateful prick, ya know? My husband emailed him back that he was always in a good mood and thanked HIM for asking. He told his son that he  has had things on his mind, worried about his dad and his physical problems that he's having right now, he was thinking about his uncle that just died recently from a sudden stroke, and how his niece, who had been diagnosed with cancer and in the same breath, he gets a sarcastic hate filled email from HIM, and yeah, he cussed and he apologizes. He said he was not perfect, but he was forgiven, and told his son to not ever question his faith or belief again. He said he forgives his son, and asked him if he has accepted to Lord into HIS heart, and that if he hasn't he needs to as time was running out. He told his son to open the Bible he bought him a couple years ago, and read the Gospel of John to better understand what he was talking about.  He said if it was really HIM writing, maybe he had forgotten that Keith had started sending him information on the insurance since Dec 9th, 2002. He said maybe Nick had forgotten that the insurance didn't even go into effect until Jan 11, 2003, and that maybe he had forgotten that he had been asking Nick if he had received any information beig mailed to him regularly and reminded Nick that he couldn't even answer him. He said maybe Nick had forgotten that the first email Keith even recieved from Nick about the insurance was on Jan 31st, but Keith guesses that all means nothing. He said, "By the way, you're welcome." Keith asked Nick what "adult conversation" was exactly to him, because he had never answered ANY of the questions Keith asked concerning his life. Nick never answered the emails Keith sent when he was sending Nick scholarship forms before he graduated. Nick never even wrote, "thanks Dad for trying to help and thinking me." Keith asked, "Why?" guessing Nick couldn't be bother.  Keith said the emails he has gotten from Nick since Jan 31, 2001 have been the MOST he's heard from his son, or "talked" to his son, since his son left our home in August 2001. He told his son that hopefully he would re read some of the emails he sent and answer some of those questions if he wants to have an adult conversation. He told his son he would continue to pray for him every day and that he loves him and said, "You're right, when God misses you, you do die, and sometimes all of a sudden and without warning, in the Twinkling of an eye. Dad"

Fast forward to April , 2003, Nick emails Keith and says, "YES, don't email ever again. I am tired of you bullshit and half truths. I am tired of your lying and unnecessary stress that you cause when you email. besides everythime you email its always about how i every time respond to your emails. look whose calling the kettle black. if you want to start BRINGING up the past like you always do. then maybe YOU have the problems and maybe YOU need to see a therapist because whats in the past is in the past and theres no use bringing it up if it already happened. if you had a problem then YOU should have voiced YOUR concerns when the problem occurred. look forward to NOT hearing form you" I am going to look into the history of what brought this on, but at the end of the year, Dec 12, as a matter of fact, my husband wrote his son and said, "After hearing from your mother saying that you have no desire to be around me or have anything to do with me, it finally sunk in, after the last email from your mother when I realized I am not allowed to call your cell phone, I am not allowed to have your number, nor did you feel compelled to contact me at any time telling me you are ok, and am not allowed to call your grandmas without being threatened with a lawsuit for harassment from youro mother, you don't answer my emails, you don't send emails, and finally, with your insensitive attitude towards your brother Thomas, effective Dec 31, 2003, I will not be covering you under (insurance plac) any longer. You're my son and I will always love you, but I finally realized how it is. I see that it is, get what you can, forget about everything and everyone else, and it is my choice to not support that attitude. Just like I have always said, you know how to get a hold of me, if and whenever you chose. You're still welcomed to visit if and whenever your chose. Love you Dad." and with that, it was done.


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