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Continued Insurance Coverage

My former stepson turned 18 in Sept 2002. NORMALLY, that would have the time he was dropped from medical insurance, etc...but thanks to "ObamaCare" he would be able to stay on for years longer.

Open season through  my husbands work was in Nov.  through December, and it does take time for everything to be processed and for us to show up in the system. On Jan 31, 2003, FSS emailed my husband and told him that according to our insurance, he had been terminated from our policy so he was no longer eligible for coverage, which meant that he would be billed for  the visits he had and had no coverage. He told my husband that he brought it to my husbands attention, because he thought it was weird and before the problem got worse.  He said no one had signed up, according to our insurance. He told my husband, " find out what u can and email me back at grandmas email address because I deleted mine...thanks Love (ss's name)"

So I called the insurance today, 1-31-2003, …