3-14-02 Page 2 Response

I have kept it, a 'female dog bitch' huh? Isn't that being redundant? LOL...There is NOTHING you have had in your life that I would EVER be jealous of. If people REALLY knew how you were...I wonder what THEY would say.

Hmmm, why would I EVER care how many times you peed or took a shit? I dont GIVE a SHIT actually. Yes, I saw how your daughter respected you, poor thing.  She put your shit on blast, and I bet you didn't even know!

ACK, you and your threats of a lawsuit! LMAO, you never had any grounds! It was just you talking just to hear youself talk, trying to talk like you are a badass. OH PLEASE. Yes, I too may have threatened you with a lawsuit, a time or two, but I never pursued it, because I REALLY didn't want to see my husbands kid's mother thrown in jail.

My previous lover? My daughters sperm donor you mean? I never said I emailed him, LOL...He's never had email that I know of, but yes, I did write him often to tell him what our daughter was doing and how she was doing. Sent pics to him too, frequently. I guess the problem you have with that is WHAT again? Because when I had my son in 1997, and we spoke of my ex, you yourself said, "but he is still her father..." I had writing him since I left him, because of that very reason.

What kind of custodial parent sets out to ruin the parent child relationship? OH, YOU did, daily, because I guess you forgot to take your meds everyday.

Now THAT is ONE "mean, vicious, vindictive jealous and just plain ugly person."


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