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3-14-02 Page 2 Response

I have kept it, a 'female dog bitch' huh? Isn't that being redundant? LOL...There is NOTHING you have had in your life that I would EVER be jealous of. If people REALLY knew how you were...I wonder what THEY would say.

Hmmm, why would I EVER care how many times you peed or took a shit? I dont GIVE a SHIT actually. Yes, I saw how your daughter respected you, poor thing.  She put your shit on blast, and I bet you didn't even know!

ACK, you and your threats of a lawsuit! LMAO, you never had any grounds! It was just you talking just to hear youself talk, trying to talk like you are a badass. OH PLEASE. Yes, I too may have threatened you with a lawsuit, a time or two, but I never pursued it, because I REALLY didn't want to see my husbands kid's mother thrown in jail.

My previous lover? My daughters sperm donor you mean? I never said I emailed him, LOL...He's never had email that I know of, but yes, I did write him often to tell him what our daughter was doing a…

3-14-02 Page 1 response

Instigated WHAT episode? I had nothing to do with the relationship between the kids and their dad. THEY lived with you, therefore it is YOU that would have damaged the parent/child relationship. Every letter you wrote over the years, CLEARLY proves the influence you had over these kids, QUITE negatively where my husband was concerned.Keith was perfectly capable to typing, he took it in high school as well. Typing is like riding a bike, you don't do it for awhile, but you get back on it, and it becomes like second nature, so he emailed and chatted on msn, nice TRY though!
Funny how you say YOUR life and YOUR friends are none of our business, yet you certainly made sure to browbeat the kids into telling you what went on in OUR house, and how was at OUR house. In fact, you even denied visitation once, because you said you didn't know the people he was living with, were. So FUCK YOU with your, "privacy" bullshit. I didn't start ANY situation. Keith would tell me the…

Fiction v Non Fiction

In May of 1997, my husbands ex wife and I had about a 45 minute conversation after I had my son. I remember when I hung up, he asked sarcastically, "wow, you guys best friends now?" LOL I told him I had my guard up the whole time.

During this conversation, my daughters bio dad came up. This is a man whom she had never met in her 3.5 yrs. We lived with him for the first 7 months of her life and for about 5 months before I had her. The reason I left him was due to drugs, and cheating. That was 5 yrs ago. Flash forward to March 2002.

In an email to my husband, on March 5 2002, Juanita wrote, " ...I guess I should also check on Pats previous man you know the father of (*my daughter*), the one who dealt drugs out of the country and was arrested and thrown in jail for drug charges and child abuse...."

My husband responded with, "...Another clear example of talking about something you know nothing about. But, to give you a 'heads up' your original email will …