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Recording Device

The ex always thinks she knows so much. She is the EVER such a Drama queen. She had known for several years that we had to record our phone conversations with her, due to the fact that her phone calls were 98% of the time, harassing in nature, PLUS she had tried to get my husband arrested for kidnapping.  We were told by someone in law enforcement  to start recording our conversations with her, to send her a letter advising her of our intentions, and if she diagreed yet continued calling and carrying on with the conversation, knowing it was being recorded, it would be on her.

In the EX's world, this is how she described our recording device: (from Nov. 14, 2001)
I don't know, when I read this, the image I got in my head was a huge machine with a lot of blinking lights and big round reels of tape. The other image I got was this one, that we had used when I worked for the ambulance co back in the late 80's early 90's. This picture is from 1992.

This was the recording dev…

Knees again...

So, remember the issue we had with my stepson experiencing knee pain back in July 1997? Well, here we are, in August 2001, the 16th as a matter of fact. Stepson had been complaining that his knees were hurting real bad and asked to be taken to the doctors.

I took him, and the doctor took exrays, and said that his knees were not aligned properly, he showed stepson and I the exrays, and gave him some inflammatory medicine and did recommend physical therapy.  I asked the doc if he could recommend someone in the state where stepkids and ex live, but he didn't know anyone. I emailed all this information to the ex and I even sent the ex a copy of the doctor report.

August 17th, the ex replied, "Do not e-mail me again." Sweet huh?  She then emails my husband and says, "There is no reason why Patricia needs to be emailing me. You are the parent of (stepkids) and if they need medical attention it should be you who takes care of it, not your wife. According to most insurance&…