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On the record...For the record

Due to the fact that my husband's ex had neglected to put his name on the medical, dental, school information,  like he never existed, he thought maybe it was the same for the babysitter. My husband had been court ordered to pay $100, towards child care, in Dec 1995. His ex had given us the sitters name and number on a $100 Monopoly bill.

ON June 6th, 1996, Juanita wrote, " When the kids aren't in daycare, I will be reimbursing you the childcare funds taken from your check after your check arrives. If you agree to it you could pay me for the back child support and medical costs out of this money."

This does not say that she is not using the sitter anymore, or that she canceled the sitter.On Feb 23rd, 1997 the ex wrote  my husband that she paid her aunt and cousin to take care of their daughter while she stayed there for a week. She said she was working and they needed to feed and entertain their daughter. So as far as we knew, the ex was still using the sitter and pay…