Truth Be Known....

SO, Sunday afternoon we go to a friends house for dinner. There are several people there. I was talking to one of them, and was told that in the very recent past, another friend had crossed paths with my oldest former stepson.
When the former stepson asked this friend where he worked, he asked him, "Did you know 'my dad' Keith?"
WHAT?!?!?!? His DAD!? The man who the former stepson didn't want much to do with in the 13 yrs previous of my husbands death?  While he and his sister like to blame ME for their lack of relationship, I had nothing to do with it. Him and his sister were already adults when I came into the picture, fully capable of making up their own minds, etc.... and due to the fact that I can count less than 10 times my husband interacted with his two oldest kids,  between 1992 (I wasn't involved with their dad until 1994, I did meet him and know him though) and 2005,  it's amazing that the former stepson allowed himself to utter the words, "my dad" to this person.
In fact, I have a text message from earlier this year from the former stepson accusing me and "Keith" of stealing money from my father in law. (which is a crock of shit)
DNA may state that my husband was his 'dad', but  former stepson never treated my husband as anything more than a "sperm donor".
The person that told me about this incident even knew about the situation with the stepkids, all of them, as my husband talked about it with his close friends at work. She knew how badly my former stepkids treated my husband and she knew of the lack of relationship they all chose to have with my husband, (two of them due to the things their mother told them) so even SHE knew the former stepson calling my husband 'dad' was for show.


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