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"Here we go 'round the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel..." this is what I think 99% of the time you write and or call. It's the S.O.S different day.

This is in response to your harassing phone call to our home on July 18, 1997. I was mentioned during this conversation.

The letter Keith sent you dated July 15, was sent to you because he told you there was a "difference of opinion" in the amount of money he owes you, and he would send you a letter showing how. Did you even hear that part of the conversation?

Keith drafts up the letters and I type them. How do we know if you wrote your computer printed letters? It's not your handwriting yet you sign them. Get a GRIP, Juanita, if you are going to call our home to harass us about a letter your recieved, stick to the contents of the letter. Every letter your recieve is in direct response to letters YOU have written and sent us, or in direct response to phone calls you have placed to us.

There is nothing derogatory about telling the truth. You refused to pay 1/2 of a bill, which is against court orders making YOU in contempt of court. YOU should know this, prior to june 1996, you accused Keith of this very thing, since Jan. 1996.

OK, so you refused to pay 1/2 if this bill, not because you weren't sent a copy as you want us to believe, but because because Keith "still owes you money on bills that you have there." NO PROBLEM, no big deal, really. We'll pay the bills and deduct the amount you owe on these bills, from the amount Keith owes you, sounds fair. Don't be so quick to accuse Keith of being in contempt for non payment, you do get money every month to be applied towards medical etc. $100 as a matter of fact.

As long as the kids are covered under your husbands insurance, at least for the duration, you will continue to recieve copies of EOB's when this coverage ceases, as you have stated it will, you will no longer receive EOB's, there will be no need. You will find out what Keith's insurance pays when you receive a bill from the provider of service you used.  You will still be required to send Keith a copy of the bill, since he is court ordered to pay 1/2 and will need proof of what he is paying for.

Incidently, the only way Keith would owe 1/2 of everyting the insurance paid out is if your husband cancels the policy on the kids, retroactively, as far back as 2-20-93. This could add up to be a hell of a lot of money which you would owe the other half as well,  just because you feel the need to be spiteful and shitty to Keith. I cant imagine your husband canceling as far back as 2-20-93, but stranger things have happened. Instead of threatening all the time now about this, just have your husband do the inevitable. Isn't this what you want him to do. Oh, I mean what He needs to do?

Apparently you are not too concerned about bother Keith or the kids during their visitation as you stated on Monday, otherwise you never would have called. Do you NOT have any scruples or decency? Self control is obviously a problem. According to your letters and phone calls, you know how much Keith and the kids love each other. You write about it. Your statement, "I hope you are showing the kids that they are equally as important as your new life..." is so moronic no to mention unconscionable.

OK, OK, OK, so Keith has been married several times, so...your POINT!? You've been married twice, so has your husband. I think I'm the minority here, I've only been married once.I love and trust my husband completely. It certainly wasn't for his money and it certainly wasn't because it was a better offer. I defend him and protect him, which is my right as his wife.

On May 19, 1997, you called a truce between us. It only lasted until July 18th, pretty good for you, huh? Talk about back stabbing! The conversations we had while making travel plans for the kids, the 45 minute conversation we had after I had the baby, the tid bits of info you bestowed unto me, all bullshit. You told Keith, "If your wife would spend as much time trying to get me to do this and try and compile this infor as she would on a job, you wouldn't have this problem." First of all, I think you said this backwards, and secondly, I do have a job, I am on maternity leave, because I had a baby, did you forget? HELLO? GET A GRIP!

The fact of the matter is, or should I say, the "Heart of the matter" (sound familiar? bring bak memories? you wrote the words down to this song and sent it to Keith-how sweet!) is that you can only get a long with Keith or myself, for a BRIEF period of time.

I truly believe it when Keith tells you that you have a grudge against him that goes WAY back and you can't let it go. Everytime you call and harass. you throw things up from the past! GET OVER IT girl! YOU told him to leave, he did! YOU told him you didn't want to be married anymore, you're NOT. (Lucky for me!) YOU got your wishes, BE HAPPY!

You need to watch your own P's and Q's because with everything I know about you and your "controversial past" shall we say, you are the LAST person this earth who should pass judgement on Keith, myself and my kids. By the way, who died and made and you GOD? your sanctimonious attitude is not very becoming of you.

It has been almost 7 weeks since my last note, Merry Christmas, in July!!


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