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NOT life or death...GMAFB...


I guess I should "time" these things (letters) so you don't feel overwhelmed or harassed, but time isn't always on my side, sorry.

Here are a couple more copies of receipts from 7/30- when I took your son to see the doctor about his knee. Of course we are crediting ourselves this money so far.

In your message left on our answering machine, you stated, "If there was a problem, I wish someone would have called me..." Obviously there was no problem. It was not a life or death situation- it wasn't even an emergency- the kids health is normal they sometimes get colds and flus and even sometimes they just don't feel good. this was the case. Your son ws complaining of ear pain, we took him to the doctors. Do you call Keith when you don't even call when it's an emergency, why are you making a mountain out of a mole hill?

By the way, I did tell your husband and he obviously told you, so what's the big deal? Obviously neither one of you t…

MORE of the same...


"Here we go 'round the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel..." this is what I think 99% of the time you write and or call. It's the S.O.S different day.

This is in response to your harassing phone call to our home on July 18, 1997. I was mentioned during this conversation.

The letter Keith sent you dated July 15, was sent to you because he told you there was a "difference of opinion" in the amount of money he owes you, and he would send you a letter showing how. Did you even hear that part of the conversation?

Keith drafts up the letters and I type them. How do we know if you wrote your computer printed letters? It's not your handwriting yet you sign them. Get a GRIP, Juanita, if you are going to call our home to harass us about a letter your recieved, stick to the contents of the letter. Every letter your recieve is in direct response to letters YOU have written and sent us, or in direct response to phone calls you have placed to us.