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One Last Time

I am almost through reading this book by John Edward. In fact, I am reading the last chapter, it is SO good and I can relate to some of the things he writes about, just like I did in the other book I read by him, that I will post about later. ANYWAY, he writes that "spiritual energy is around us all the time" that "many of us feel it most intensely immediately after our loved one dies." He says that "sometimes we 'feel' the presence of our loved one in the room and at times there are "coincidences": we think about our loved one and the lights flicker; in a moment of intense grief a meaningful song comes on the radio; at a wedding or a family gathering after the death, we 'see' our loved one in the crowd". Over the last couple of days, I have really been struggling with my husbands death, even to the point of being mad at him for dying and leaving me to raise our kids alone. (when I told a friend at church about this, she said, &quo…