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Responding to ex after her harassing phone call

Hi Juanita,

it's been a couple days since your harassing phone call to me, that ranged from eob's AGAIN, to Easter 1990, when you saw Keith at his mom's house with "another woman." (makes sense why you sent him a card and why you wrote what you did in it.)

I'm sending you a copy of the only thing we have gotten from hospital for your son's visit. I have also forwarded a copy of the EOB to the hospital, so they can submit a claim to your insurance to process. The hospital does not send out itemized bills to the RP's.

DO NOT call Keith or myself to yell or complain about anything again. First of all, I am 9 months pregnant, due any day and don't need it. Secondly, it is unnecessary- every letter I send or Keith sends for that matter is self explanatory. Just sit back, chill, wait for YOUR eob, forward a copy to us and that' sit!

The accusation that we are somehow invading your privacy is completely a joke. I have found copies of eob's where …

EOB's (Explanation of Benefits) explained to ex


Keith told me you had asked to speak to me by phone regarding the reason's why we need copies of your eob's from your insurance company.

The simplist way for me to explain it is this, when we receive your copy, we attach it to the EOB we receive from our insurance company so we can keep our records updated as well. This way, when you send letters updating past due balances, we can compare the figures intelligently and not blindly, so we something to compare it against. I'm sure you understand this.

I know you have questioned his reasons for requesting this information and we believe he has explained his reasons in his  delcaration written Nov 1995. as well as letters to you dated June 12, 1996, June 16, 1996 and July 1, 1996.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to write or we know you won't, LOL...