Was the viewing for my father in law, RIP Dad. My daughter didn't want to go into the viewing room, as it was open casket, she didn't want that to be the last memory of him. My son wanted to go in, so I took him in and I was very proud at how strong he was. He told me on the way there, "Mom, you know what dad would tell me? He would tell me to be strong" and he sure was!
Sunday, as he was walking down the hallway, he walked into my room and said, "Yes Mom?" I told him I didn't call him and he said that as he got to his door, he heard a males voice say his name and he said it sounded like his grandpa. I believe things like that so I told him it probably was his grandpa.
I was also surprised to see a picture of all the grandkids from 1994 ( That included my daughter) up and since my son wasn't born yet, the sister in law's (who disowned my husband and his brother) daughter printed up the picture of my son that I have on my myspace. I had caught a glimpse of it when her boyfriend was holding it, but I didn't really know for sure, but I thought how it looked like my son, and then they put it up and sure enough, it was my son.
I was there from 5 to 645pm and the former stepdaughter or her brother hadn't showed up yet, which surprised me. My father in law passed away at the former stepdaughters house, not where he wanted to be, but hey, I don't think it was ever about his wants anyway. It was more about control for that one sister in law her kids and the two former stepkids.
My one niece asked if anyone had told the two younger stepkids, and I told her I didn't tell them. Apparently someone had but they didn't hear back if they were going to be there tomorrow. They would be coming in from WA tomorrow. It would surprise me if they showed up actually. Frankly, I don't even know why they (any of his 4 older kids) showed up to my husbands funeral. They hated him and made it known to him. father in law was the glue to the family. Now that he is gone, and the one sister in law told my wonderful brother in law that she was only sibling left, The family won't be the same. Thank GOD for my brother in law and his wife and their 3 kids and extended family. At least my son and daughter will always have THAT connection to their family.
Have a good night everyone!!!!


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