"I got a call today, I didn't want to hear, but I  knew that it would come" a little Don Henley anyone? :-/
It's what I am feeling after getting the news that my wonderful father in law passed away last night. My kids will be devastated, but they are resillient, I am ok. I am sad that he is gone, but happy that he is now reunited with the love of his life, my mother in law, as well as with his two sons that went before him, JD and my husband.
There are two siblings left, however listening to my sister in law tell it, SHE is the only sibling left. How sad and lonely for her.
It's too bad my father in law did not pass away at the home he wanted to be at, my brother in laws home. Instead he went from HIS home, to the hospital, to my former stepson's, (I vented on that already) and then to my former stepdaughters house. SHE was refusing to return my nieces phone calls, she even LIED to my niece at one point in time, telling her she didn't have her brothers number and she was too busy to get it, yet my niece found her cousins number, guess who answered the phone? YEP, my former stepdaughter.
ALL I know is that I believe in Karma and it is a bitch and I would HATE to be my sister in law or her kids, or my former stepchildren, when Karma decides to kick all them in their asses.
The new picture I have up of my husband and his parents is one of my favorites from 1993.
have a good evening everyone...


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