Things That Make You Go, HMMMM

Two days ago, I got more junk mail for one of my former stepkids. Today, I get a phone call from a childhood friend of my (former) oldest step son.
He said he grew up and went to school with my  oldest stepson, but I found it very 'odd' that when I answered my home phone, he asked for my oldest stepson's mom and stepdad, but using MY last name.
I share 3 letters of my first name with my stepson's stepdad, so when the man asked for "Pat" I said, this is Patricia..." and gave my last name. He said, "Well, I am looking for Patrick (and MY last name) and when I explained that I knew who the female was he was asking for, and explained that she was my husbands ex wife who married a man named Pat and gave THEIR last name, I may have confused him more, LOL.
I went on to explain who I was, and got his name and number and told him I would get a message to my (former) stepson, as I didn't want to give out his number.
Instead of asking this man who HE was, I should have asked how he got my phone number because as far as I knew, I was unlisted. I will have to call to verify this.
Anyway, I text messaged my oldest stepson at the last known cell number I have, I hope it is the same, but to cover my backside, I called his mom's house and left a voice message and sent off an email.
Between this call and the phone call the other night where the female caller asked for me  and when my son said I was not there at the time, she asked where I was, I may be changing my phone number. I still don't know who that woman was either.
Things that make you go hmmm...


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