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I joined a group on live journal that I found last night. It's for widows/widowers and I have so far enjoyed reading it. I posted a couple things, and I am glad I found it, as I can related to a lot of what people are saying and feeling.
I have been thinking of writing my experiences as a stepmom down, and dealing with an unreasonable ex, (My husband always said, "Remember you can't reason with unreasonable people") but then I think about what an overwhelming task that would be, considering I have MANY years of emails/letters to go through, recorded phone conversations, and just stuff. I would probably be able to write something for nearly every day, definitely  from every month starting from the summer of 1994 until my husband passed away in Nov 2005.
It's something I thought about doing before my husband died even, but just never did it. If I started it now I don't think I would be going backwards, if you know what I mean. I thought it would be quite cathartic, and then to see where I started and where I am. Can you IMAGINE?!
I will say this though for sure, while I do miss my husband a LOT, and I am moving on, I do NOT miss the bullshit we, he, I and our two kids had to put up with. My husbands ex wife accused me (in writing) 4 times of killing him. Of course, I am still here, so I guess she was wrong, but thinking about all the stress she caused him, well....kwim?
Someone wise once told me that often people charge you of what they are guilty of. It's a psychological tool to handle guilt. Interesting, huh??


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