A Friendly Hello, from my Myspace.com visitors

Just saying hi to those that visited my myspace from Moses Lake, WA and El Cajon, CA and San Diego, CA.
My (former) stepkids (the "younger" two, ages 19 and 22) either live there or have family there. A 'former' niece lives in San Diego. This niece had always been nice and respectful to my kids and I, but the relationship had been strained as well. It's sad when people let other people influence their relationships.
 My husband and I have a son together, so when he asks about his 'brother and sister', I will go to their myspace so he can see their pics. My son actually does miss them, even now.
My husband raised my daughter since she was 10 months old, so she grew up treating them as her brother and sister too, but they treated her badly for many years as well.
THEY on the other hand, don't want anything to do with their brother, my son, and haven't wanted anything to do with him, for many years, just like they didn't want anything to do with their dad for many years, before HE died, so to see that I had visitors from there, actually surprised me, frankly because they hate me (and my daughter, it was a jealousy issue apparently) with every fiber of their being.
So, is it a coincidence that I have visitors from these three cities? Maybe, but chances are...no :-) It doesn't bother me at all that they visit...
have a great day everyone!


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