Letter to HIS ex...


Keith said I could call you, but I have opted to write you instead. I am writing to formally request that you deal WITH ME, not Keith, if you have a problem WITH ME.

I have NO IDEA why you chose to hate me so much. I have never done anything to you that didn't warrant a "Higher Power" ie: the police, to get involved.  Your issues WITH ME, need to be dealt with separately, with your letters and phone calls to Keith should be about the health, education and welfare of your kids together, ONLY. You don't need to be calling Keith to WHINE to him about things I DO. My calling the kids is not impediment on their lives. When I called them yesterday, all they were doing was watching tv-no harm. I don't call all the time, but I do genuinely care about the kids, after all, they are my stepchildren now, and since I take my wedding vow's seriously, they will be my stepchildren for a LONG time. I'm sure it's the same for your husband, who is their stepdad.

I would think you would be GLAD that I take an interest in their lives. Why do you feel such the necessity to hamper ANY kind of relationship we begin to develope when we are allowed to see them? Why don't you encourage it? Why don't you channel all the energy you have been wasting on hating me, into something positive? Why can't you try to get along? I'm willing.

It's so ironic how you always tell Keith how the two of YOU should try to get along "for the children." Don't you think it would be even better if all four of us, you , your husband, Keith and myself, all get along, or are at least civil, "for the children?"

Keith never calls your home to harass you about your husband. Why do you feel the need to be so hateful!? Maybe you could spend less time in hating me for NO REASON, and more time concentrating on letting Keith know the important things going on with the kids, like trips to the emergency room or graduating. These are things that he needs to know about. He doesn't need to know about how you hate me and don't want me calling the kids or sending them anything!

Is this why you have chosen not to let the kids visit anytime this summer? Another irony on your part. If you have kept any copies of your past letters to Keith, maybe you should re read them. They contain sentences like how the kids "love him, miss him and want to see him" and how "both kids need his support too, not just the m oney, how about some of his time." Denying him his "time" with the kids that you write about certainly contradicts your statement, don't you think? However this letter is NOT about that. It's about your problem with me and how we can rectify the problem.

Of course, YOU are the one who control's the situation. If you choose to to continue on this way, then I respect your decision, but at the same time, I feel very sorry for you. Fortunately for me, I have never known what it's like to loathe someone as much as you do me.

As far as I'm concerned, I will continue as I always have. After this, my only correspondence to you will be as it has been in the past, sending you copies of EOB's, with the exception of the letter regarding the your daughters Walkman.

As far as my involvement with the kids is concerned, that will NOT change. I'm doing no harm to them, nor am I doing anything wrong, in the eyes of the court, or law, however, if you are going to deny visitation to Keith because of my involvement, or because you do not like me, then you are VERY wrong and I sincerely hope you do not resort to that.

Thank you for your "time" Juanita. This letter was written with no malice intent or ill will. I'm just trying to call a "truce" or find a middle ground with you, that's all.


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