Phone Recordings

GEESUS!!! Due to ALL the harassing phone calls we have recieved from my husbands ex wife, and making police reports for them, we were told to send the ex a letter letting her know that all future conversations will be recorded. KNOWING this, if she continues to talk, it's on her.

Keith sent her a letter dated July 1, 1996, under phone calls, he wrote, "DO NOT EVER have the children call me "person to person collect" again. It was very unnecessary for you to do it that way. It has never been a problem having them call me direct, especially since you "enforce it that they call me at least once a week." You having them call me was inappropriate and uncalled for in this manner. Lastly, all future phone conversations with you will be recorded."

She knew we were recording and she still continued to call, even one time saying she doesn't agree. She wouldn't hang up though, she kept right on talking, so... Unfortunately, she told the kids that THEIR conversations were recorded, and that wasn't true. It was the conversations with HER, but this is her MO...tell the kids everything.


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