Uncovered Medical- Dental Expenses

MY OH MY! If it wasn't one thing, it was ANOTHER...

My husbands divorce was final Nov 29, 1990. At that time, he had defaulted on his divorce, (more on that at another time) but his ex wife never requested payment for uncovered expenses, so really, she has no room to complain.

While they were married, my husband carried Rubell Helm insurance. I don't know when that was dropped, but what I DO know is that from Jan 1990 to May 1990 my husbands kids were covered under Kaiser through their mother, possibly through work.  I also know that according to a letter the ex wrote on June 22, 1990 that Welfare was taking care of the kids medical, but at work one month, she "recieved some extra pay for selling accounts" which put her "over the amount" that she "could earn and they stopped the welfare." The kids were covered again from Jan 1991- Mar 1993, under their mother again, and again, possibly through work.

My husband started working steady at the Post Office in April 1990 and his open season was in Nov 1990. As soon as he could, he got insurance on his kids, that went into effect Jan 1991. Since there was dual coverage, between Kaiser and Health Net, I seriously doubt her out of pocket expense was that much. The ex married in Feb 1993, and the kids were added to their stepdad's insurance, making the new husband's insurance, the 3rd coverage.

From Jan 1991, my husband had health care and dental coverage on his kids, until the day he died, Nov 2005. His insurance coverage changed a couple times because he tried to make it convenience to his ex, but it got to be too much with all her bitching about what his insurance paid, or didn't pay I should say.

It wasn't until Dec 1995, that his ex got a court order, basically saying any uncovered medical expenses incurred on behalf of the kids and not covered or paid for by insurance, shall be paid equally by the ex and my husband. OK, that seems fair.

On Feb 10, 1996, the ex wrote the following, "The court ordered you signed was agreed to freely and without coercion or duress on December 21, 1996. That is the same court order that you and I were responsible for our own attorneys fees and court costs. You also signed in agreement to pay half of all medical and dental bills that are not covered by the insurance in which you have not  done."

Directly to the EX (should she ever stumble upon my blog...) OK, first of all, this court order was NOT signed Dec 21, 1996. HOW the FUCK can it be, when your letter is dated is Feb 10, 1996? My husband signed the court order on December 14, 1995, you (and your attorney) signed it on December 16th, 1995 and it was signed by the Judge and FILED with the COURT on December 21, 1995.

Secondly, Neither child had medical expenses in December 1995, well, none that Keith was made aware of.  The kids also had no medical expenses in January 2006, your son had ONE for $73.40. The problem with this is that Keith did not receive the EOB from the secondary insurance, which would be your husband's, until June 9th, 1996. Keith owed $36.70 of which he paid your husband $18.41 on June 24, 1996. The other half of the $36.70 was covered by other insurance overpayments made. Proof of this is in the medical expense portion of our records. SO, quit your bitching about. It wasn't Keith's fault your facts are incorrect.

ALL uncovered medical expenses were paid for.


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