Very Interesting case

There were also write ups in the San Diego Union Tribune in June 1992. December 1992, April 1993 and December 1993

Hubby's ex knew at least ONE person in this case, and this person was involved in two cases, ECR1101 and CR131641. The case CR131641, against this one person that my husband's ex knew, is 11 volumes, so we were not to get a copy of that.

Case ECR1101 ex's friend was arrested 12/29/88 and pled not guilty. He changed his plea 4/3 89 to Guilty, to HS 11351-count 1, and count 2 HS 11350(A) and count 3 HS11550 were both dismissed.

Case CR131641, ex's friend was arrested June 2, 1992. In Oct 1992, he pled guilty. Hubbys ex appeared before the grand jury and her friend went into the WPP, and in Feb 1993, ex moved out of state.


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