What's done in DARKNESS will come to LIGHT...eventually....

On Nov 4, 1995, my husbands ex wrote and told him that at their son's last dental appt. she had been instructed to visit an orthodontist with their son. She said my stepson had an appt for review on Nov 16th and that she would let him know the results. She continued to say that neither insurance company would be for braces, and the cost was going to be $3500, or $1750 a piece, estimated, and she would let him know more information as she gets it.

December 4, my husband wrote his ex and reminded her of her of the letter she wrote on Nov 4th. He asked for the name and phone number of the referring dentist and the name and number of the orthodontist so HE can talk to them as well, and let her know that he contested at that time, for any work to be done until HE is able to get further information. 

According to the court papers my husband signed on 12-14-95 and that the ex and her atty both signed on 12-16-95, stated in part that, "...Any orthodontia reasonably incurred on behalf of a minor child, not covered or paid for by insurance shall be paid equally by Petitioner (her) and Respondent (him)..."

Jan. 29, 1996, the ex agreed to and signed an agreement with the Orthodontist office. payments a month would be $97.50 for 20 months.

Two days later, Jan 31, 1996, that my husband recieved 2-3 days later, the Orthodontist sent a letter saying that my stepson had been seen his his office, and braces were recommended for a period of 18-24 months. The cost was $3450 with an "estimated" insurance payment of $1500, leaving $1950 to be split 50/50 or $975 each.

THIS is the sneakiness that my husband loathed about his ex. She KNEW he did not agree to any work to be done until he had a chance to talk to the orthodontist, and she went ahead and started the procedure. My husband didn't really believe this was a needed procedure, and that is  more for cosmetic purposes.

Little did we know, that there was another sneaky ordeal that had been going on. It was during this time that we found out my husband's name was NOT in his kids medical files. In fact, Juanita had put her husband John's name where FATHER's name should have gone.This happened in my stepkids' school files. So back to Dec 4, 1995, my husband wrote a letter to the School District Sup. advising him that he recently found out that his name was omitted from the kids school records, and he he was requesting to be added on. My husband enclosed a copy of the divorce papers showing the has joint legal custody of the kids and he was also requesting the record to show that he was entitled to recieve any school records, progress reports, etc, pertaining to his kids at his hom address.

We were told by the Sup. that he will have to get in touch with the ex to find out if there is any legal reason he is not to receive this information. There were none and his request was granted....this did not make the ex happy at all.

In her January 5, 1996 letter to my husband,  she wrote, "this is a small town and the day Patricia called the childrens' school, I was immediately notified. She has no reason to inquire at their schools..." She went on to tell him that he does "not have the authority to pick them up or obtain information from the school or Day care. There is no need due to the out of state living and visiting conditions.

I've attached the rest of the letter from the ex, too much to write otherwise, but the last paragraph where she mentions her husband adopting the kids as his own, really upset my husband. He NEVER ever would allow or agree to that, the ex was just being her bitch self and showing how she did not want to deal with my husband or even have him in the kids lives.

It was all about control for her....at all times....


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