Insurance cards/coverage

Because he hasn't sent me her HMO insurance card, this is the letter I had been forced to write him on Sept 1, 1994.


This is my second request for Sarah M R's insurance card.

My first request was in letter form, sent to your place of employment due to mail receipt problems at your home, requesting the cards, and also advising that if you did not comply with my request, I would have to take our daughter to her pediatrician since birth and you would be responsible for the bill.

You neglected to comply and we know what the outcome is now.

If you are not giving up her  insurance card because you have doubts about her paternity, might I suggest STRONGLY you have a paternity test done, of course YOU will have to pay for it.

I KNOW who the father of my daughter is, you seem to have some confusion (even though she looks exactly like you).

Please do not hassle me on this matter or any other matter we have between us concerning our daughter.

All I am requesting from you at this point is her insurance card.

Thank you,


CC: your attorney
CC: your ex wife.


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