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My response to Coleen....

Dear Colleen,

Re: your letter to me dated 1-07-04

I am "writting" this letter so that "WE" can get a few things straight.

#1: There is no WE between you and I. My legal business is with Anthony J R, Sr.

#2: Mr. R pays nothing out of pocket for the insurance premium that is offered through his employer. Maybe you should call the fringe benefits dept. to confirm this.

#3: What is "duel?"

#4 Mr. R has no business having other children when he couldn't even support his first two children and complains about supporting his 3rd child.

#5: Don't concern yourself with my "fat ass."

#6: I will the steps this week to get Mr. R to court. Remember, there is no "US" as my legal business is with Mr. R only.

#7: I hope that the  Judge DOES tell me the same thing the last one did as well. :-) Thanks for your concern.

#8: Go back to school and learn to spell, and learn the meaning of words, and the differences between words like, "duel&quo…