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Insurance cards/information

Dear Anthony,

I am once again requesting ALL insurance information and cards due our daughter, Sarah M R.

I have written to you in the past regarding this problem. I have confimed with SWA and HMO that she is covered. I know these two companies have sent you cards not only for our daughter, but for your other two children as well as your "wife," Kathy.

It's quite ashame you have to act like a child when it comes to the welfare of your own children, but this is what you have been reduced to because of the drugs, alcohol and people you associate with.

Please do the adult thing and send Kathy what's her's and mine what's Sarah's then there'll be no reason to keep writing you!!

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Another letter to HIM...

Because Coleen wrote to the pediatrician again, I wrote Anthony the following letter:


Once again, your girlfriend decided to intervene in something that is quite frankly none of her business.

She certainly has a way of doing this!! She lied on the papers you sent to Kathy about her address!! Is Coleen your paralegal? God help you!!

You are a fool if you think you are going to take Kathy back to court!! From the looks of paper you sent her, you've got something up your sleeve! I don't know what it is, but God help you whatever it is!!

If Coleen is going to involve herself in our situation, that's just fine because she is just making it worse for you and better for me!!

If she insists on involving herself, I suggest you inform her that our daughter is covered under your HMO!! In fact, I just took her last week to her new pediatrician.

Coleen is so threatened by our situation it's hysterical!! She is such a bad mother!! I do support our daughter as her MOTHER, wh…

Medical Bills

I asked the pediatrician's office to bill Anthony again. They billed again, and this is what they received back..again from Coleen...

Coleen had crossed out Anthony's name and address in red  and wrote the above. Sent it back to the pediatrician's office. This woman is freaking NUTS! It must be the drugs....

Insurance cards/coverage

Because he hasn't sent me her HMO insurance card, this is the letter I had been forced to write him on Sept 1, 1994.


This is my second request for Sarah M R's insurance card.

My first request was in letter form, sent to your place of employment due to mail receipt problems at your home, requesting the cards, and also advising that if you did not comply with my request, I would have to take our daughter to her pediatrician since birth and you would be responsible for the bill.

You neglected to comply and we know what the outcome is now.

If you are not giving up her  insurance card because you have doubts about her paternity, might I suggest STRONGLY you have a paternity test done, of course YOU will have to pay for it.

I KNOW who the father of my daughter is, you seem to have some confusion (even though she looks exactly like you).

Please do not hassle me on this matter or any other matter we have between us concerning our daughter.

All I am requesting from you at this…

Big Girl Check Up....

I took my daughter in for her year check up. I told the pediatricians office that her bio father HAS insurance, but he has not added her. I asked the billing dept to please bill HIM, maybe it will kick him in the ass to get her added to his insurance. They billed him.

On August 30 or so, the office received the bill back attached with this letter from Anthony's then fiancee, Coleen.

The secretary wrote and asked me to respond to this note from Anthony. So I did call her and made payment arrangements instead. After that, I wrote Anthony the following letter:



I am writing to inquire as to whether you even had a chance to look at this bill or not, before your "girlfriend" decided to take matters into her own hands and respond to it.

I have no idea why she feels she needs to be involved. This is a matter between you and I. Your "girlfriend" needs to have a reality check. Just because she crosses off your name and address on this bill, and "chan…

My response to Coleen....

Dear Colleen,

Re: your letter to me dated 1-07-04

I am "writting" this letter so that "WE" can get a few things straight.

#1: There is no WE between you and I. My legal business is with Anthony J R, Sr.

#2: Mr. R pays nothing out of pocket for the insurance premium that is offered through his employer. Maybe you should call the fringe benefits dept. to confirm this.

#3: What is "duel?"

#4 Mr. R has no business having other children when he couldn't even support his first two children and complains about supporting his 3rd child.

#5: Don't concern yourself with my "fat ass."

#6: I will the steps this week to get Mr. R to court. Remember, there is no "US" as my legal business is with Mr. R only.

#7: I hope that the  Judge DOES tell me the same thing the last one did as well. :-) Thanks for your concern.

#8: Go back to school and learn to spell, and learn the meaning of words, and the differences between words like, "duel&quo…